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Quilting Dreams on Wintery Nights


Yesterday was my first time attending  a TMC artist mentor workshop – the second Monday of Cat and Linda’s collaborative Dream Quilt project at the Calgary Women’s Centre. The project, which is a part of Cat and Linda’s Calgary 2012 artist residency, spans over six Tuesdays throughout October and November, and gives women an opportunity to explore using a variety of textile techniques to express themselves through art. The project challenges women to learn about textile techniques for quilting, and use them to investigate the ideas of sleep and dreams. While some of us might look at a quilt and think about a good night’s sleep in a cozy bed, these notions are not necessarily true for everyone. By looking at these ideas through quilting mediums the artist mentors and participant are working to bring awareness to people who might not have the security of their own bed.

This week Cat and Linda helped us become acquainted with embroidery as a textile technique.



Cat and Linda guiding participants through the chain stitch

The 2 hour workshop flew by as all of us laughed and learned together, and created some beautiful things.

JC Embroidered Initials

                   One participant’s beautiful work

As a first-time TMC workshop participant, this was a perfect way to spend a snowy evening – creating art, meeting wonderful women, and exploring new ideas. If you are interested in contributing to the Dream Quilts project or learning some new textile skills the remaining dates are October 29th and November 5th, 19th and 26th at the Calgary Women’s Centre. There will be open studio space from 1-5pm for women to come and watch and share their ideas, with workshops following from 6-8pm for women to learn, create, and collaborate.


                                                      The beginnings of my own work of art

To view a great blog post about the first week of Dream Quilts and for more information about the project check out the Calgary Women’s Centre website and blog:

Calgary Women’s Centre

– Lacey



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