This is My City

And We’re Off!

The 2013 This is My City Art Festival kicks off tonight! In the spirit of what is shaping up to be a fun and dynamic month of art and performance, here is a behind the scenes look at the festival preparations from Fund Development Lead, Sally Truss. See you tonight!

Tuesday April 2, 2013 at Inn From the Cold
Behind the Scenes at This is My City Festival

Absolutely sweet and memorable. Put yourself in my shoes for a few moments. It is a Tuesday night, it is not my part of town, and I’m going into the unknown. Through the door I go, to be greeted by a big hug from Reg and Max, who are both past participants of This is My City programs. It feels good to be with friends! Under the direction of Onalea, the group is rehearsing a BIG number for the Festival opening Blue Revue on Thursday. I pick up my hand drum and join in. These guys are cooking! The music is fun and the mood is like all final rehearsals in the world. There is a mixture of “OK, do it again, sigh” and “Wow, that was awesome!” This is a happy place! I move into the back room and join Kirk’s spoken word group that is rehearsing for the Festival Finale on the 25th. I lean against the wall and hear stories and poetry that are stark, from the heart – and getting ready to be performed. I watch Kirk as he closes his eyes and listens to a poem that Shannon is performing for another writer. It is a tough story. How about singing some of it? How about adding some guitar here? How about a bit of a beat? Try that. How does that feel? And we are all entranced.This is a magical place, behind the scenes at This is My City Festival.

Out of The Blue Revue takes place tonight at 7pm at the John Dutton Theatre at the Central Library. See you there!


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