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Now You See It…

Walking around downtown Calgary last week, you probably felt the nip of the cold April wind. You probably bundled up before you went outside to face the elements. And maybe, when walking past Olympic plaza, you noticed some trees that appeared to have done the same, wrapped tightly in afghans.

Cozy, homemade, comforting… these associations come to mind when we see knitted or crocheted afghans. But what does it mean when we see afghans out of place, stitched to a city bench or wrapped around a tree in a downtown park? Well, it brings a bit of the warmth of home into the often cold, impersonal urban setting. And it reminds me that for some people, the city streets are home. The things many of us take for granted, such as a blanket, can be a huge comfort to someone in need.

This project, aptly named “Wrap” will being ongoing throughout the duration of the festival. Ordinary downtown Calgary objects will be wrapped in warm afghans that will likely be gone, removed, absorbed by the city within hours. It is the sincere hope of the TMC artists behind the project that wherever they end up, they will be appreciated.

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks when in the downtown core for more cozy knitted bundles, and take a moment to think about the Calgarians that call those streets home.






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