This is My City

Behind the Scenes at City of Dreams

Another beautiful look into the making of the TMC Festival from Fund Development lead, Sally Truss.

April 18, 2013

I drive across town, going against the last of the rush-hour traffic. It is still light outside, one of those surprising Calgary days that melt the last of the snow and bring out the bird songs. It feels good. I park around the corner from the Women’s Centre. I’ve been here before and the familiarity wraps around me with the calm of a Spring evening.

Once inside I am treated to a group of thoughtful, animated women who are analyzing selections of TED talks. They speak about tone and style, story and voice, timing and intention. Ellen leads the exploration and then Gemma takes them into relaxation and warm up exercises. In the back, Cat is setting up her camera and taking ‘head shots’ of the speakers. They straighten out their hair, their shirts and scarves – then pose amidst laughter and little dramas for the camera. This is FUN!

Then it is into the run-throughs of their individual talks. We travel far with these women. We visit the spirit world to greet a dead family member; we head to City Hall to tell some street-wise truth about the need for rent control; we journey to Mother Africa to the carnage of the fighting in Liberia and the delight of diamonds; and we are asked to put ourselves in the place of one person who is a victim of human trafficking.

The topics are tough and they are personal. These women are speaking from their hearts – and it is POWERFUL. I can’t wait to see what two more rehearsals will do for their presentation skills – and how the stories spin out with gathering strength.
This is the real life stuff that makes the City of Dreams!


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