This is My City

Tip Your Hat 2010

Here are images of the hats that were available for auction on July 8th at the First Flip event. We congratulate all the winning bidders and thank all the artists – great job! Check back early next year for information on how to submit for ‘Tip Your Hat’ 2011.

Bill Munro, ‘Zombies in Paradise’. Bill participated in ‘Tip Your Hat’ last year.

Jane Grace, ‘Western Bronze’, inspired by traditional western bronze sculptures. Jane was a visiting artist in ‘This is My City’s’ found object assemblage workshops.

Linda Hawke, ‘Sky over Prairie. The hat portrays the quiet predictability of the farm landscape contrasted by the volatility of the prairie sky’. Linda was a ‘This is My City’ artist-mentor.

Shyra De Souza. Shyra is a local artist who is the chairperson of Untitled Art Society’s board of directors. ‘This is My City: Artist Trading Cards’ had an exhibition in UAS’s +15 window showcase in Epcor Centre.

Justin Rigby, ‘Aussie Stockman. A bottle of wine, four beers and ten hours later the Australian outback meets the Calgary Stampede. As the barracuda and barramund swim in the rivers and seas, the kangaroo, crocodile, wombat, and emu travel the sparse land. From an Australian stockman to a Canadian cowboy – Yeehaw!’

Sharon Kurtz, ‘Zentangle. Zentangles are the latest popular art form’.

Lovelia Vera, ‘Free Horse’ – hat and painting. ‘ The day I discovered my passion for art, I witnessed a miracle which filled my soul with colours, brushes, and canvas. My work reflects my emotions and sentiment of the moment. With a preference for large oils, with its delicate mix of colours which helps me create unique and personal touches. Love and serenity are my main themes. Art takes me to my own universe with its unique blend of emotions and colours.’

Asya Barker, ‘Yahoo!’, CAKE Young Artists Society,

Francine Billings and Donnell Blonjeaux-Willis, ‘Button Down Cowboy. Each and every button is unique. Granted, they may look similar, but each one comes with its own history and life experiences. We cannot possibly know all there is to know about each button simply by looking at it. Determining each button’s story and the path that brought them to be in their current situation helps us gain insight into the human condition.’

Bernie W., ‘Being Stampede and the children’s faces full of laughter, awe, and excitement. Seeing and meeting strangers and friends during this time of year. I hope to put inspiration on other faces.’

Aileen S., ‘My name is Aileen and I’m a Leo, 45 years old, and I love nature and its everchanging facets. I chose butterflies because they represent change positively.’

Rudy Raduloff, ‘134 Years of Tradition. As a native Calgarian I am passionate about our city. “The Heart of the New West”. This hat was inspired by our rich history. Fort Calgary being built in answer to the whiskey rebellion and genocide of the natives. Calgary has grown over the years carrying many traditions of our past into the future. Yet where are we going? Slowly the uniqueness and simplicity of our city is being lost. Ultimately waht is our heart and how will we be defined in coming years and generations?’

Carrie Proctor, ‘Field of Dreams’

Carrie Proctor, ‘Field of Dreams 2’

Levi, ‘We are animals or are we not’

Sherry Love. Sherry is part of the Mustard Seed’s drama group.

Nigel Kirk, ‘Dark Light Cowboy’. Nigel is also part of the Seed’s drama group.

Wyatt Heston, ‘Wyatt hat’. Wyatt participated in last year’s ‘Tip Your Hat’ event.

Barclay Warchild, ‘Camo’

Lisa Tornack, ‘Paisley Hat, inspired by banadana designs and utilizes the pointillism technique’. Lisa is a local artist who also was part of organizing ‘This is My City’.

Suede Landscape

Evelyn De Roose, ‘Life’. ‘Live, learn, laugh, love’.

Jackie Carrier, ‘Queen of Hearts’. Jackie also participated in last year’s ‘Tip Your Hat’ auction.

Doug Haslam. Doug was a visiting artist in ‘This is My City’s’ found object project ‘ City of Magpies’.

Debbie Gaucher, ‘The Spotted hat’

YWCA drop-in, ‘She-girl’

Bobbi-Jeanne Watson, ‘Canada Flag hat’

Carrie Proctor, ‘Wicked Awesome’

Linda Cunningham, “Wherever I Hang My Hat, That’s My Home”. When I left New York City to move back to Calgary in the mid-1980s, I flew to Toronto and then caught the train. Early morning of the last day found me ensconced in the dome car, anxiously waiting for the Rockies to appear on the horizon. At sunrise, I was rewarded with the classic view of the mountains strung ahead like some exotic necklace. No matter where I’ve lived in the interim, I keep that view in my heart. Materials: Handspun/hand-dyed Corriedale wool and mohairs, knitted and crocheted; acrylic paints. Never content with being told “what” and “how” to do things, Linda has spent most of her life doing things “different.”  Whether recreating articles of wood, glass, and ivory as knitted sculptures, or learning other crafts to develop, she is never satisfied with the status quo. As a professional artist with a love of all things textural, Linda combines knitting, spinning, dyeing, and felting with fly-tying, bookbinding, and photography in her craft-making pursuits. She is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design in New York City, and holds a Master of Environmental Design degree from the University of Calgary.

Cat Schick, ‘Cowgrrls. This hat is a homage to all the women who worked alongside the men and independently of them, and who need to be recognized for their historical contributions.’ Cat was a ‘This is My City’ artist-mentor.

Tim Westbury, ‘Elements of Blueprint Reading’. Tim is the programming director of The New Gallery, Calgary’s oldest artist-run centre. ‘This is My City; City of Magpies’ had an exhibition in TNG’s +15 window showcase at Epcor Centre.

Angela Inglis, ‘Trophy’.

Eveline Kolijn. Eveline was a ‘This is My City’ artist-mentor.

Eveline Kolijn

Kevin Duhan


Avenue 15 hat, a hat decorated by residents of Avenue 15’s Centre for at-risk youth

Butterflies by Blanche, beaded butterflies and decorations

Robert Ramstead, ‘Faces of Poverty’; ‘Homeless 10+ years, seen many types of faces, ‘Faces of poverty, we have masks and hide who we really are.’

Reg L. Knelson, ‘The can’t see the tree for the forest hat’

Louise Gallagher, ‘Cowdy-Gras’

Tamara Zaleski, ‘Cowgirl Flower Power’, original wearable recycled floral design

Shelley Barnett, ‘Cowboy Carmen’. Shelley Barnett has always been highly creative and is nicknamed the ‘Demential Diva’ of ‘Re-use & Re-new’.

Shelley Barnett, ‘Corked’

Pam Dominelli, ‘Ambush at Dry Gulch. In all my born days I ain’t never seen nothing like it. Me and the boys, we was a fixin’ to rob thar train. Well snakes alive! Just as that iron horse came round the bend we got bushwacked by some injuns. Dagnabbit, that just threw a spoke in the wheel and got us mad as hornets. The ruckus was worse than a cat in a room full of rockers. After a spell, we thought it best to skedaddle before the law came. We was on the dodge and ain’t none of us wanted to go back to the pokey. So we hightailed it outta there and we was gone lickety split.’ Pam Dominellie is a musician and artist who moseyed on over to the Stampede from Port Coquitlam, BC.

‘If there were no butterflies, nothing would change!’

Tamara Lockhart, ‘Hi, I’m Ojibwe fully Anishnabe and pretty PROUD. Well I really enjoyed doing this project, it’s fun. It made my day. I thank the Drop In Centre for its services. And all the people who help donate. I made this hat because I really enjoy Navajo art. Thanks for having this event. Yehaw!’

Terry Pettigrew, ‘ The good times on the wagon circuit’

Gordon Fiddler, ‘The Third Eye’, “the third eye which represents the eye of God (Jesus, Horus) which is actually ‘Intellectual Spiritual Intelligence’ as opposed to worldly darkness under human ignorance. It also represents the themes of Calgary including sports awards. You all have a lovely city especially all the bike trails. I love feeding the Canada Geese. I have never lived here but I love it here so I will stay.’


Tamara Zaleski, ‘Light Bright’. Tamara has been artistic all her life and finds inspiration all around her.

Stephane Poulin Corriveau, ‘Come from the ladies who sit in front of me. I like the flowers, they have a nice perfume!’

‘Stampede Pride’

Francois Behair, ‘One spot at a time’

Reg L. Knelson,’The Alberta Couples hat’

Max Csiesliski, ‘Cowboy Morning’

Nina Gill, ‘For Calgary Stampede’


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