This is My City

TMC at the High Performance Rodeo 2011

Download the TMC event program here: This Is My City Event Description

FFWD article about the IN/Visible project

Calgary Herald article about Zaccheus Jackson

Photos from the Wednesday, January 12th event – the DI Singers and Zaccheus Jackson ( photos by Vincent T. Joachim)

Born in southern Alberta, Zaccheus Jackson experienced homelessness on the streets of Calgary and Vancouver. Having battled through addiction and apathy, Zaccheus is now an accomplished slam poet, having twice competed at the Individual World Poetry Slam. Zaccheus‟ rapid-fire delivery, gritty street tales, intricate rhyme patterns and social criticism will leave you counting syllables in your sleep.

Photos from the Wednesday, January 19 event – AllNations Theatre and the Mustard Seed Drama Group (photos by Vincent T. Joachim)

Photo from Wednesday, January 26th panel discussion with Ian Prinsloo, Sherry Love, Max Csiesliski, and Shannon Jones (photo by Vincent T. Joachim)

In preparation for the 2011 HPR, This is My City held several workshops in theatre, singing, and visual arts. Some documentation of these events follows:

Theatre: The Opposite of Dismal: a show and tell, Mustard Seed Drama Club, in collaboration with Verb Theatre and PCB Collective – photos by Wilmer Aburto

Working with a group of professional theatre artists, the Mustard Seed Drama Club explored the question “What is the best…?” The result is a performance of unique stories and photos of all the best things past, present and future. Since 2008, the Mustard Seed Drama Club has provided opportunities for members of the homeless community to experiment with the dramatic arts and share their unique perspective with the rest of Calgary.

Visual arts: diorama workshops at the DI and Inn From the Cold held in November/December 2010

Dioramas are miniature 3D environments. Workshop participants were asked to create their ideal space, a fantasy vision, or what they like about Calgary in shoeboxes, using found objects and other materials. The results will be displayed during the TMC events along with artworks by residents of the DI and Mustard Seed.


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