This is My City

Tip Your Hat 2011

Here are images of hats that were available for auction on Wednesday, July 13th at noon (200 block of the Stephen Avenue Mall) and the auction lot list: Lots and descriptions. Just over $2800 was raised this year – bravo!

Team Canada Junior Men’s Team – includes 4 passes to the Sweden-Switzerland game, hat created by Brodie O’Keefe, Jenne Karpoff and Chris Reynolds, Going for Gold

Veronica Murphy

Daniel J. Kirk – The Plastic CAP

Charlene Gust – Iced hat (real cake icing!)

The Wolf – DI workshop participant

Butterflies by Blanche

Tim Westbury, Elements of Blueprint Reading

Daniel, DI staff (CTI Coordinator), Tree of Life

Ian, DI volunteer, Sunburst

DI workshop participant – Oh Canada!

  Stephen B., Unstable Posse – DI workshop participant

The DI and From Within,  The Faces Within

Angela Inglis, Outlaw

DI workshop participant, The Red and White

Dawn Ford, Stampede Queen

Myron Krause, the Mustard Seed, Beyond the Blue

DI workshop participant, Yee! Haw!

Johann and Tharrie Zietsman, The Epcor Centre, Oil Biscuit

Johanna Plant

Michael Frisby, Reid Frisby, Cow Pies

Linda Cochrane, East Meets West

DI workshop participant, The Four Corners

Reg Knelson, Silent Cowboy

DI workshop participant, Stuck on You

Colin Menzies, Studio C, Hidden Rabbit Community

DI workshop participant, Purple Sky

Bernie W., Wishin’ and Hopin’ , DI workshop participant

Erin B., DI workshop participant, Bear

Jenna Shaw and Lauren Monson – summer students at the Firefighters Museum of Calgary

DI workshop participant, Patchwork Cowboy

Emily Lis, United Way, September Cowgirl

DI workshop participant, Truely Canadian

DI workshop participant, Dreamin’ of Red

DI workshop participant, Under the Cowboy Sun

Rachel and June Mo, Story of the Ocean

Faith Frisby, Michael Frisby, Sea Green

Robert R., DI workshop participant, Cowboy Peace Sign

Jean Grand-Maitre and Sharon Watkins, If Van Gogh was a Cowboy

Louise Gallagher, Venetian Cowboy

  Mike H.,  DI workshop participant, Butterflys

  Berenice M., DI workshop participant, All the Classy Gals

Victoria Murphy

Col Cseke

Eveline Kolijn

Holly McWilliams, sock horsie hat

Mary Swain

Vincent T. Joachim, Pony Express

Louise Gallagher, DI Wedding

Tmara Zaleski, Copper Cowboy

Tamara Zaleski, Stock Market

Reg Knelson – also made a white hat with guitar

Tamara Zaleski, Gold Dust

Alice S. Helwig, Cowboy Camouflage

Onalea Gilbertson, DI Song

Jean-Paul Hurley (aged 15), Cowboy Sunset

Linda J. Hawke, Sky Over Prairie

Lisa Tornack, Spaghetti Western

Claudia Weigelsberger, The Dreamer

Robin Murphy, Smooch

Eveline Kolijn

DI workshop participant, Homeless Journey

Sherri Reed, Calgary is Home

Carla Pelkey, The Lucky Knock on (Dam) Wood Cowboy Hat

Jody Williams, Spaghetti Western – given to William, Duke of Cambridge on the Royal Visit to Calgary

Thanks to Stephen B. for documenting the hats. Thanks also to Smithbilt for a discount on buying the hats.

June 29th, 2011 – Celebrity hat-making workshop at Art Central

Hat tree – some of the wonderful hats created for the auction.

Artist Angela Inglis models the hat she crocheted.

TMC artist-mentor Vincent creating his hat.

The workshop at Art Central, in the lower level – many thanks to Amanda and Art Central for their support!


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